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GEICO car insurance cost per month

One of the most common questions with regards to insurance. You best answer is to call them and complete the forms so they can check your risk. speak to an agent to work out your risk for you today.  There are a number of questions to check your risk. The higher the risk the higher the premium.

.1. How old are you?

If you are young your insurance cost is normally going to be higher than an older person.

2. Male or Female?

One is a higher risk than the other. That is all I am going to say.

3. Where do you live?

How likely is it that your car will be stolen? Do you live in a leafy suburb or a ghetto?

4. How old is the car – replacement value?

Do you drive a Porche or a Toyota?

5. Driving record?

Have you had an accident before? Who was to blame?

6. More than one insurance?

Is this insurance with another product – life insurance, home insurance or other?

7. How large is the deductible?

Smaller deductible the higher the premiums and the other way round.

8. Do you belong to a group organization?

If you below to a group as listed on the sidebar for Insurance discounts then you get a further insurance discount.

Speak to a Geico insurance agent before you sign anything. Let them work towards what is best for you as there is no single package insurance for anyone. You need to have a custom package made for yourself or you family. Buying more than one insurance normally brings down the premiums as the insurance risk is spread. Speak to an insurance agent today. See also the insurance discounts offered here.

Simply file your claim online or call them at 1-800-841-3000.

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