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Geico Condo Insurance

If you own a condo then you would be best served by ensuring that you have a Geico Condo Insurance for your home. The insurance of the Condo is much the same as the Homeowners Insurance Policy which has already been written about on this website.

Geico Condo InsuranceNow your condo unit bought or rented would be covered by an insurance policy already. This however is a structural insurance policy and does not cover the interior of your condo or the items insode your condo. The master policy purchased by the condo association or co-op corporation does not protect your personal items. The Condo Insurance policy offered by Geico also covers liability insurance so ask about this again when calling them. If a guest falls by slipping on your condo floor, this insurance will cover any liabilities. Now ask them about what they see as interior walls and fixtures. This is normally only cabinets which are afixed to the wall or property permanently and not your normal furniture. Double check what is covered by the condo insurance by Geico.

Much like a standard Homeoweners Insurance Policy see how Geico looks at insurance discounts when taking out condo insurance and also look at additional insurance for high value items. Again – ask questions before you agree and sign the agreement online or in person.

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