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How to cancel Geico insurance online

One of the most common questions is how to cancel your Geico insurance online. The short answer is that you cant exactly cancel your Geico insurance online for a number of reasons. Firstly you need to have insurance and when it is canceled normally a cancellation note is sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

You are required to turn in the tags on any non-insured vehicle. If you don’t turn in the tags then you need to show that you have new insurance for the car. If you do get stopped and the car is checked to have no insurance then this creates another problem. So the best thing to do is to contact Geicko by phone or call any of their agents in your state to start the ball rolling.Note, that the insurance companies notify the DMV every second day by download that the insurance in cancelled and also to the lender or finance house who financed your car that they are no long covering the car.

1. Secure replacement coverage if necessary.

2. Visit the Geico website and navigate to the “Manage Your Auto Policy” section.

3. Log in and follow the instructions for removing or canceling automobile coverage. or

4. Geico Sales Department – 800-861-8380

5. Follow up for the cancellation endorsement and any premium refunds due

Its a rather simple process but you need to find insurance first before you cancel the current insurance which you have at present.


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