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Auto Insurance Quote : Collision Deductible

The deductible after an accident will vary with the insurance, car and what the base insurance coverage is. Below you will find an example of this based on the following bases. you can search this website for more information about insurance premiums and how many of them are calculated based on traffic violations or on your auto accident history.

 The car is a 2015 BMW 320xi with a driver with no accident record or traffic violations. The occupation has been set to non specific occupation as this does affect the coverage cost. With standard coverage of $153 per month the deducible has been set to $500 deductible. The following would change depending on what you require and how this affects your month insurance cost.


Deductible  Insurance Increase (6 months)
No coverage – $359.00
$100 deductible + $351.00
$250 deductible + $164.00
Recommended – $500 deductible Current
$1,000 deductible – $73.00
$2,500 deductible – $161.00


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