Geico Claims Filing Process

car insuranceThis is the Geico Claims Filing Process. Geico has a very good reputation for its fast insurance claims handling process. After you have reported an accident, an assessor will come out to review the your cars condition. Since Geico has a 24-hour customer service facility, the insurance claim normally is settled in as little as 2 working days.

Geico Claims Filing Process

Once the damage to your car has been assessed, your money normally will be sent to you in the form of a check soon afterwards. It’s very important to make a mental note of all these issues before choosing Geico as your insurance provider.

You must also not forget to always read the fine print on your insurance agreement with Geico so you’re well aware of your entitlements and restrictions.  So you are involved in an accident this is the process and once this is done they will direct you to take your car (if it is still driving) for an assessment if it is a home or the car cannot driver then someone will come out within 24 hours to inspect the damage. Likewise also see the Connecticut DMV as well as the Norwalk DMV on here.


Start the Insurance Claim Process

Online :

Note that when you file a claim online you need to have your Geico insurance policy number on hand as you need to enter in into the website to create a claims file for you. If you don’t have the insurance number then you have to call them. Depending on what type of claim this is the following numbers can be used:

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Boat Claims

In addition also read the Boat Insurance on here.

ACE Boat 800-841-3005
American Modern Claims 800-543-2644
Boat US 800-937-1937
Foremost Claims 800-527-3907
National Marine Underwriters 800-363-8252
Seaworthy Claims ……………….. 877-970-2628
SkiSafe 800-225-6560
Travelers Boat 800-772-4482








Flood Claims

Likewise also see the Flood Insurance Coverage on here.

ASI Flood 866-511-0793
Fidelity/Wright – Flood …………… 800-725-9472
Liberty Mutual Flood 800-225-2467
Occidental – Flood 800-759-8656
Travelers – Flood 800-505-0193






Property Claims (Household Claims, Renters Insurance etc)

Note that after your car’s damage has been assessed. In addition your reimbursement is typically disbursed through a check shortly afterward. Likewise it’s crucial to keep these considerations in mind before selecting Geico as your insurance provider. Lastly, don’t overlook the importance of thoroughly reviewing the fine print in your insurance agreement with Geico to fully understand your entitlements and limitations.

In the event of an accident, here’s the procedure. Once this initial step is completed, they will instruct you to take your car (if it’s still drivable) for assessment. Likewise if your car is at home or inoperable, a representative will arrive within 24 hours to inspect the damage. Additionally, you may want to refer to both the Connecticut DMV and the Norwalk DMV for further information.

*Provide code 2804 upon reaching a representative …………………….
American Modern 800-543-2644
American Strategic (ASI) 866-274-5677
Arrowhead 800-230-4334
Assurant Condo 877-900-0354
Assurant Homeowners 866-324-6516
Assurant Renters & Manufactured Home 800-358-0600
Balboa 888-768-2096
Cabrillo 866-482-5246
Chubb 800-252-4670
Citizens 866-411-2742
Complex/Tower 888-856-5522
Cypress 888-352-9773
Farmers 888-856-5522
Fidelity – Stillwater 877-679-9835
Firemans Fund 800-633-4011
Foremost 800-527-3907
Homesite 866-535-8768
Liberty Mutual 800-225-2467
Narragansett Bay 800-343-3375
New Jersey Skylands 866-686-9799
North Carolina Wind 800-662-7048
Occidental 800-780-8423
One Beacon 866-686-9799
Pacific Select 800-774-1012
QBE 800-773-9980
SC Wind 800-236-1873
Security First 877-581-4862
South Carolina Wind 803-779-8373
Stillwater 877-679-9835
TAPCO 800-841-3005
Texas All Risk 800-627-0303
Texas Wind & Hail 800-841-3005
Tower 888-856-5522
Travelers – Home 800-252-4633
Universal North American Co. 866-519-1302
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Business Insurance Claims

All Risks, Ltd. 800-841-1621
Hiscox Insurance Company Inc. ……………………………………………. 888-202-3007
Tower Group 888-856-5522
Networked Insurance Agents – Sequoia 866-246-3756
Networked Insurance Agents – Hartford 866-246-3756
Networked Insurance Agents – CNA 866-246-3756
Networked Insurance Agents – Liberty 866-246-3756
Networked Insurance Agents – MSA 866-246-3756









Collector Car Claims

American Collectors Insurance ……………………………………………. 800-360-2277
American Modern Insurance Group® 866-760-4166





For all other policy types, please call 1-800-841-3000 to report your claim.




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