Collectors Insurance

car insuranceIf you are a collector then you can take out collectors insurance on your goods. You must check with your current insurance policy to check that it has not already been covered by your household insurance or if you don’t already have coverage under an umbrella insurance or any other insurance you already have.

Collectors Insurance


The collectors insurance from Geico falls under the American Collectors Insurance. This insurance coverage provides for an online service which is fast, easy to use, and available anytime. Please enter your account login information or create an account to access any of the following online services:

  • Pay your bill
  • View your policy information
  • Report a claim
  • Update account information
  • Request policy changes


Collectibles Insurance – Telephone Hours (ET)


Prefer to do business over the phone? Just call 1-866-540-2336.

If you happen to be a collector, you have the option to obtain insurance for your valuable items. However, it is imperative to verify your current insurance policy to ensure that your collectibles are not already covered by your household insurance. Additionally, you should ascertain whether you have coverage under an umbrella insurance policy or any other existing insurance. This is not the same as travel insurance.


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Geico’s Collectors Insurance, provided through American Insurance, offers a convenient online service that is both fast and user-friendly. This service is accessible at any time, and you can either log in with your existing account information or create a new account to access the following online features as shown above. Lastly also see the Geico ID Theft Insurance as well as Geico missed payments and the Geico Claims Filing Process.

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