Geico ID Theft Insurance

car insuranceConsider Geico ID Theft Insurance. If you are worried of having your ID stolen then don’t worry that much as there is a solution. You can now apply for and take out insurance with the Geico ID Theft Insurance policy. Today more than 6 million Americans each year become a victim from ID theft and this is set to increase.

Geico ID Theft Insurance

The cost of this ID fraud can be great and may be a financial liability to you and your family. Now look at what Geico offers to ensure that you do not become a victim from ID theft and helps to monitor your records for major changes.

1. Monitor your identity, alerting you of potential threats;

2. Provides unlimited online access to your TransUnion credit report;

3. Includes 3-credit bureau monitoring;

4. Offers 24/7 access to certified resolution specialists;

5. Includes travel-related services

Ask your insurance agent at Geico if you can get a discount on your insurance if you place the ID theft insurance with other insurance services such as household insurance that you already have for your house or condo.

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Protect your credit and identity.

Start protecting your identity for as low as $6.99 a month or $75 annually


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