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Geico ID Theft Insurance

If you are worried of having your ID stolen then don’t worry that much as there is a solution. You can now apply for and take out insurance with the Geico ID Theft Insurance policy. Today more than 6 million Americans each year become a victim from ID theft and this is set to increase.

The cost of this ID fraud can be great and may be a financial liability to you and your family. Now look at what Geico offers to ensure that you do not become a victim from ID theft and helps to monitor your records for major changes.

1. Monitor your identity, alerting you of potential threats;

2. Provides unlimited online access to your TransUnion credit report;

3. Includes 3-credit bureau monitoring;

4. Offers 24/7 access to certified resolution specialists;

5. Includes travel-related services

Ask your insurance agent at Geico if you can get a discount on your insurance if you place the ID theft insurance with other insurance services such as household insurance that you already have for your house or condo.


Protect your credit and identity.

Start protecting your identity for as low as $6.99 a month or $75 annually


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