Auto Insurance Quote Accidents

Types on InsuranceHow does Auto Insurance Quote Accidents affect your premiums? You insurance will differ if you had an accident or other incident in your driver history. Below you will find how these differ based on the type of accident you have had on your driver records. Note the standard insurance quote for a 2014 Ford vehicle listed here and here.

Auto Insurance Quote Accidents

From this table of data, we can surmise the following:

Insurance Rates Based on Accident History:

The table presents different monthly insurance premiums based on an individual’s accident history and level of fault in those accidents.

Low Premium for No Accident:

For individuals with no accidents on their record, the monthly insurance premium remains consistent at $104.02 across all scenarios. This suggests that having a clean driving record without any accidents typically results in a lower insurance rate.

High Premium for At-Fault Injury Accident:

When an individual is found at fault in an injury accident, their monthly insurance premium significantly increases to $233.66. This steep rise indicates that being responsible for an injury accident can have a substantial impact on insurance costs.

Moderate Premium for At-Fault Non-Injury Accident with Significant Damage:

If an individual is found at fault in an accident where there are no injuries but the damage exceeds $1,000, the monthly insurance premium is $148.83. This rate is higher than the premium for having no accidents but lower than the premium for at-fault injury accidents. It suggests that accidents with significant property damage can still lead to increased insurance costs.

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No Premium Increase for Not-at-Fault Accidents:

In cases where the individual is not at fault in an accident, the monthly insurance premium remains at $104.02, which is the same as the rate for those with no accidents. This indicates that insurance providers typically do not penalize individuals for accidents where they are not at fault. In summary, the data illustrates how insurance premiums can be affected by an individual’s accident history and level of fault. Having a clean driving record with no accidents leads to the lowest premiums, while being found at fault in an injury accident results in the highest premiums. Accidents with significant property damage also lead to higher premiums, albeit not as high as those for injury accidents. Not-at-fault accidents do not appear to impact the monthly insurance premium. These insights can help individuals understand how their driving history and accident involvement can influence their insurance costs.

Type of incident:

Accident : Found at fault in injury accident

Occupation Monthly Insurance
No Accident $ 104.02
Found at fault in injury accident $ 233.66

You will note that most insurance companies will give a lower rate if the accident even though you had been at fault but as long as there had been no injuries. The third part injury is expensive and this is reflected in the monthly premiums. You will note the difference below. See also the auto insurance quote traffic violations and auto insurance quote occupations.

Occupation Monthly Insurance
No Accident $ 104.02
Found at fault no injury, damage >$1000 $ 148.83

If you had not bee at fault in the accident then this does not affect your insurance premiums.

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Occupation Monthly Insurance
No Accident $ 104.02
Not at fault accident $ 104.02

The three main issues with auto insurance is the following:

  • Moving violations in the last 3 years
  • Accidents in the last 5 years
  • DUI/DWI conviction in the past 10 years

These are important as the insurance premiums each month is based on your driving record. Note that this will more likely than not also apply if you are applying for RV insurance. In addition also see theAAA California Membership discounts on here.


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