AAA California Membership discounts

Types on InsuranceIf you’re a member of AAA California, you may qualify for a lower auto insurance rate. You’ll be asked for your AAA membership number after you receive a quote from the company. This is mainly because of road side assistance. If you have road side assistance on your car then normally they will not add a discount.

AAA California Membership discounts


The auto insurance discounts with AAA membership is not that much and on average lowers the insurance by about 10c if you have as the example was based on a 2014 Ford vehicle. See the rates as an example below when it comes to If you’re a member of AAA California, you may qualify for a lower auto insurance rate.

From this table of data, we can surmise the following:

  1. Occupation-Based Insurance Rates: Firstly the table lists various occupations along with their corresponding monthly insurance premiums. These premiums are different for each occupation, ranging from $97.97 to $104.06 per month.
  2. Premium Similarity: Note that the insurance premiums for some occupations are very close, such as Engineer and Science/Math, both at $97.97, as well as various other occupations like Educator, Consultant, Registered Nurse/Medical Assistant, Finance/Accounting, Human Resources, Broker/Agent, and Therapist, all at $104.02. This suggests that individuals in these groups may have similar insurance rates.
  3. Higher Premium Occupations: In addition, On the other hand, some occupations, like Architect/Designer, Lawyer, Marketing, Administrator, Technology, and Medical Doctor, have slightly higher monthly insurance premiums at $104.06. This implies that individuals in these professions may pay a bit more for their insurance compared to those in the previously mentioned groups. Read further on the AAA California Membership discounts.
  4. Consistency for “None of the above”: Likewise the occupation listed as “None of the above” has a monthly insurance premium of $104.02, which is the same as several other professions. This might indicate that individuals who do not fit into any specific occupation category are assigned a standard premium rate.
  5. Similarity in Premiums: Likewise premiums are grouped together, indicating that there might be common factors or criteria used by the insurance provider to categorize these professions and determine their premiums.
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Occupation Table


Overall, the data provides insights into how insurance premiums can vary based on occupation, with some professions having slightly higher or lower monthly premiums. This information can be useful for individuals in these occupations when considering their insurance costs and budgeting. Likewise also see the auto insurance quote occupations as well as the California auto insurance. Lastly there is also the auto insurance quote roadside assistance as well.


Occupation Monthly Insurance
Architect/Designer $ 104.06
Engineer $ 97.97
Lawyer $ 104.06
Marketing $ 104.02
Science/Math $ 97.97
Administrator $ 104.02
Consultant $ 104.02
Registered Nurse/ Medical Assistant $ 104.02
Educator $ 97.97
Finance/Accounting $ 104.06
Technology $ 104.06
Medical Doctor $ 104.06
Human Resources $ 104.02
Broker/Agent $ 104.02
Therapist $ 104.02
None of the above $ 104.02


You can see more on auto insurance discounts by occupation or by profession listed here. You’ll be asked for your AAA membership. See also the is car insurance mandatory in the United States?.




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