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AAA California Membership discounts

Types on InsuranceIf you’re a member of AAA California, you may qualify for a lower auto insurance rate. You’ll be asked for your AAA membership number after you receive a quote from the company. This is mainly because of road side assistance. If you have road side assistance on your car then normally they will not add a discount.

The auto insurance discounts with AAA membership is not that much and on average lowers the insurance by about 10c if you have as the example was based on a 2014 Ford vehicle.

Occupation Monthly Insurance
Architect/Designer $ 104.06
Engineer $ 97.97
Lawyer $ 104.06
Marketing $ 104.02
Science/Math $ 97.97
Administrator $ 104.02
Consultant $ 104.02
Registered Nurse/ Medical Assistant $ 104.02
Educator $ 97.97
Finance/Accounting $ 104.06
Technology $ 104.06
Medical Doctor $ 104.06
Human Resources $ 104.02
Broker/Agent $ 104.02
Therapist $ 104.02
None of the above $ 104.02

You can see more on auto insurance discounts by occupation or by profession listed here.

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