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Auto Insurance Quote : Occupations

Types on InsuranceIf you have ever wondered if you occupation plays a role in your auto insurance then let me settle this for you today – it does. Using an online insurance quote form with all the information being the same except for occupation I tested to see how your insurance would differ considering your occupation.

The following occupations are listed on the form and all things being equal this is what your insurance rates would be with only the occupation being different:

Occupation Monthly Insurance
Architect/Designer $ 104.06
Engineer $ 97.97
Lawyer $ 104.06
Marketing $ 104.14
Science/Math $ 97.97
Administrator $ 104.14
Consultant $ 104.14
Registered Nurse/ Medical Assistant $ 104.14
Educator $ 97.97
Finance/Accounting $ 104.06
Technology $ 104.06
Medical Doctor $ 104.06
Human Resources $ 104.14
Broker/AgentĀ – $ 104.14
Therapist $ 104.14
None of the above $ 107.12
This table gives you a very good insight into what insurance companies think of your risk profile and how they divide up the population. Those with a career in education or science such as engineers pay less monthly insurance as they are seen as being more responsible compared to the other professions. One would heave thought that being a doctor would put you in a lower risk category but it appears not to be so compared to other professions.

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