DMV in California

The following are some of the DMV in California . See each link to a page listing their contact details as well as their address. I have added about 59 of these around California. Always check if they are open as well as their contact details and office hours.

DMV in California

Located in the San Fernando Valley, the Van Nuys DMV serves residents seeking driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations, and other motor vehicle-related services. Despite its reputation for long wait times, it remains a crucial resource for the surrounding community.

Situated in the vibrant city of Oakland, this DMV branch caters to a diverse urban population. With its efficient service and modern facilities.

Nestled in the heart of the Central Valley, the Stockton DMV provides essential services to residents in this agriculturally rich region.

As a coastal city with a diverse population, Long Beach relies on its DMV branch to facilitate smooth transactions for driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations, and more.

Serving as a major urban center in the Central Valley, the Fresno DMV plays a vital role in the lives of local residents. Despite occasional wait times, its dedicated staff work diligently.

The DMV branch caters to the needs of a diverse and tech-savvy population. With innovations such as online appointment scheduling and self-service kiosks.

  1. San Jose California DMV
  2. San Diego California DMV
  3. Santa Ana DMV Office
  4. Riverside DMV Office
  5. Central Bakersfield DMV
  6. Oakland Coliseum DMV
  7. Oakland DMV Office
  8. Jackson DMV Office
  9. Modesto DMV Office
  10. Tracy DMV Office
  11. Manteca DMV
  12. Lodi DMV Office
  13. Stockton DMV Office
  14. Gardena CDTC
  15. Torrance DMV Office
  16. Bellflower DMV Office
  17. Compton DMV Office
  18. San Pedro DMV Office
  19. Long Beach DMV Office
  20. Madera DMV Office
  21. Reedley DMV Office
  22. Northwest Fresno DMV
  23. Fresno CDTC
  24. Central Fresno DMV Office
  25. Corte Madera DMV Office
  26. El Cerrito DMV Office
  27. Daly City DMV Office
  28. San Francisco DMV Office
  29. Santa Teresa DMV Office
  30. Los Gatos DMV Office
  31. Santa Clara DMV Office
  32. San Jose DLPC
  33. San Jose DMV Office
  34. Rancho San Diego CDL DMV Office
  35. San Ysidro DMV Office
  36. El Cajon DMV Office
  37. Clairemont DMV Office
  38. Chula Vista DMV Office
  39. San Diego DMV Office Central
  40. Sacramento DMV
  41. Woodland DMV Office
  42. Davis DMV Office
  43. Carmichael DMV Office
  44. Sacramento South DMV Office
  45. Sacramento DMV Office – Central
  46. West Sacramento CDL DMV Office
  47. Los Angeles DMV
  48. Bell Gardens DMV Office
  49. Montebello DMV Office
  50. Hollywood West (Formosa) DMV Office
  51. Main Hollywood DMV Office
  52. Los Angeles DMV Office
  53. Lincoln Park DMV Office
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