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Overseas Insurance

If you are going abroad then there is the option of insurance while in a foreign country. This will also cover accidents and other problems which you might experience. Coverage will depend on the country you are going to. Also check if you have mobile phone insurance and travel insurance while you are at it.

The insurance policies vary from country to country but in most locations you can purchase coverage for liability, comprehensive, and collision, as well as optional coverage for rental cars in the event that yours is being repaired due to a claim. Coverage does not extend to other people’s vehicles or any vehicles used for business.

What is good about this type of vehicle insurance is the following especially if you travel across the borders very often with your car such as to Mexico. If you are in the EU then most of the EU is covered for your car insurance.

  • Worldwide claims service
  • Most claims settled in U.S. dollars
  • American style policies, written in English
  • Premiums that do not increase during the policy period
  • Convenient overseas offices
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Automatic renewal available in most countries
  • Multiple options for getting a quote

If you are looking for more insurance options then search this website for more details.


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