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Overseas Insurance

If you are going abroad then there is the option of insurance while in a foreign country. This will also cover accidents and other problems which you might experience. Coverage will depend on the country you are going to. Also check if you have mobile phone insurance and travel insurance while you are at it.

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Mobile Phone Insurance

If you own a mobile phone and live in the UK then there are a number of options you have with regards to your mobile phone. Most mobile phone claims which are also difficult to prove is the loss claim as these are not normally reported to the police. You can see a list of mobile phone insurance companies for the UK listed below.

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Travel Insurance

If you are going on holiday overseas then note that you might need to check your insurance and also ask the relevant questions. Many hospitals in foreign countries will only take cash or well known travel insurance. The likelihood that you have to first pay them with cash or credit card and then claim the money back would not be a surprise.

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