Geico Pet Insurance

car insuranceGeico pet insurance. Geico insurance does offer pet insurance. Normally, a 5% discount is available if the animal has undergone neutering. Geico, under the brand of Embrace Insurance, covers specific procedures through their pet insurance. Note that you can insure your cat or your dog with this insurance.

Geico Pet Insurance


Pet insurance typically covers the following items, while it does not cover the following items. These are breeding, whelping, or pregnancy which is why there is a discount for neutered pets. Things also not covered would be injury caused deliberately by you or anyone living in your home.

When considering accident and illness coverage, it’s important to understand that this coverage encompasses a wide range of situations and conditions. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Accidents: Coverage extends to expenses resulting from accidents, ensuring financial protection in unforeseen circumstances.
  2. Illnesses: Insurance provides support for medical costs related to various illnesses, giving you peace of mind during health challenges.
  3. Genetic Conditions (such as hip dysplasia): Genetic conditions, like hip dysplasia, fall under the umbrella of coverage, addressing specific health issues that may be hereditary.
  4. Dental Trauma: Dental trauma coverage helps mitigate the costs associated with unexpected dental injuries.
  5. Prescription Drugs: Access to essential prescription drugs is included in this coverage, assisting with medication expenses.
  6. Cancer Treatment incl. Chemotherapy: Comprehensive coverage encompasses cancer treatment, including vital therapies like chemotherapy.
  7. Chronic Conditions (such as asthma): Insurance also considers chronic conditions like asthma, ensuring ongoing support for managing these health issues.
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In essence, accident and illness coverage offers a broad spectrum of protection, spanning various medical situations and conditions. This comprehensive approach aims to offer individuals and families the essential financial support and healthcare access they require when they need it most.

In any case, engaging in this activity would result in your arrest. The insurance typically excludes cosmetic procedures like tail docking, ear cropping, or dew claw removal from coverage unless a medical necessity exists. Additionally, coverage for cremation or burial is not provided.


Medical Procedures Covered


Note that the age of the dog will also matter when you take out insurance for your pet.

When it comes to the procedures covered under this pet insurance, the scope is extensive and ensures comprehensive healthcare support for your furry companions. These covered procedures encompass a wide range of veterinary services, including:

  1. Doctor and Nurse Exam Fees: This pet insurance plan includes coverage for essential veterinary examinations by doctors and nurses. Likewise ensuring regular check-ups for your pets’ well-being.
  2. Laboratory Tests and Biopsies: Diagnostic procedures such as laboratory tests and biopsies are covered. Likewise facilitating accurate diagnoses and timely treatment for your pets.
  3. Hospitalization and Surgery: In cases where hospitalization or surgical interventions are necessary for your pets. This insurance provides vital financial support.
  4. MRI and CT Scans, X-rays, Ultrasound: Advanced imaging services like MRI and CT scans, X-rays, and ultrasound are part of the coverage. Likewise aiding in precise medical assessments for your pets.
  5. General, Specialist, and Emergency Care: The insurance extends its coverage to general veterinary care. Note that this as well as specialized treatments and emergency veterinary services, addressing a wide array of medical needs.
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Additional Medical Procedures Covered


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  1. Allergy Testing: This pet insurance includes specific veterinary services like allergy testing for your pets, ensuring proper diagnosis and treatment of allergies.
  2. Acupuncture, Chiropractor, Holistic Medicine: For pet owners interested in alternative or holistic treatments. Note that this insurance covers services such as pet acupuncture, chiropractic care, and holistic medicine.
  3. Laparoscopies, Laser Surgery: The coverage extends to advanced veterinary procedures like laparoscopies and laser surgeries. Likewise offering access to cutting-edge medical interventions for your pets.
  4. Physical Therapy incl. Hydrotherapy: Physical therapy, including pet hydrotherapy, is also covered, promoting rehabilitation and recovery for your pets.

In summary, this pet insurance plan offers a comprehensive array of covered procedures. Likewise providing pet owners with access to a wide range of veterinary services. Whether it’s routine check-ups, advanced diagnostics, surgical interventions, or alternative therapies. This insurance guarantees the fulfillment of your beloved pets’ essential medical needs, promoting their overall health and well-being. Lastly see also the cost compare of pet insurance.




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