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What is the average cost of car insurance for teens?

Average cost of car insurance for teens?
Hi my name is Evelyn and Im planning on getting my car soon. It’ll be an old used car. I’m a girl. 16 years old. 3.5 or higher gpa. possibly 3.75. Im wondering what the cost for insurance will be when I get the car.

I am likewise currently taking drivers ed in school but have not completed the coarse yet. Does that matter? or should I get the insurance after finishing the class for the discount?

Best answer:

This would depend on many things:

1. How old are you?

2. Have you ever been in an accident?

3. Your location?

4. Value of your car?

5. Is it part of an insurance package?

6. Do you have advanced driver training?

At 16 you cannot get your own insurance as you are too young. You need to ask your parents or be placed under their insurance until you are old enough. See the insurance discount page for more details on the current discount rates.

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