Riverside DMV Office

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Riverside DMV Office: Serving the Community’s Driving and Vehicle Needs. The Riverside DMV Office, located at 6280 Brockton Avenue, Riverside, CA 92506, stands as an essential institution in California’s Department of Motor Vehicles network. This facility is a vital hub for residents of Riverside and surrounding areas, offering a wide array of services related to licensing, registration, and accessibility accommodations.

Riverside DMV Office


Licensing Services: One of the primary functions of the Riverside DMV Office. Is the issuance and renewal of driver’s licenses and identification cards. Individuals can visit this office to apply for a new driver’s license. Likewise renew an existing one, or obtain a state-issued identification card. Additionally, those aspiring to acquire a driver’s license must complete written and road tests. In addition both of which can be facilitated at this location. These services are essential for ensuring that drivers in Riverside and the greater region are qualified and responsible behind the wheel. Likewise also see the Oakland California DMV on here.


Registration Services: Vehicle registration and titling are fundamental aspects of vehicle ownership. The Riverside DMV Office provides a comprehensive suite of services to address these needs, including the initial registration of vehicles, transferring ownership, obtaining license plates, and renewing registrations. This ensures that vehicles on California roads are properly documented and adhere to state regulations.


Disabled Services: Ensuring accessibility for individuals with disabilities is a priority at the Riverside DMV. The facility offers services related to disabled parking permits and wheelchair accessibility. These accommodations are crucial in facilitating mobility for individuals with disabilities and ensuring that they can participate fully in the community. Likewise see also the El Cerrito DMV Office as well as the San Francisco DMV office.

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Alternate Testing and Multilingual Services: Recognizing the diverse population it serves. Likewise the Riverside DMV goes the extra mile to accommodate residents who may not be proficient in English. Audio testing for the Class C (Basic) driver’s license is available in multiple languages, including Armenian, Chinese/Mandarin, Hindi, Hmong, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese. This commitment to linguistic diversity reflects California’s multicultural landscape.


Riverside East DMV Office


In addition to the main Riverside DMV Office. There is also the Riverside East DMV Office located at 6425 Sycamore Canyon Blvd., Riverside, CA 92507. This additional location provides residents with further accessibility to essential DMV services, easing the demand on the primary facility. It shares the same phone number, (800) 777-0133, for inquiries and appointments.


The DMV Office is more than just a bureaucratic institution. It is a vital resource that ensures the safe and lawful operation of vehicles on California’s roads. Its commitment to accessibility, multilingual services, and comprehensive offerings reflects its dedication to serving the diverse needs of Riverside’s residents.


As with any government facility. It’s advisable for visitors to plan their trips to the DMV Office ahead of time. Appointments can often expedite the process and reduce wait times. Likewise ensuring a smoother and more efficient experience. Additionally, individuals should verify the current services and operating hours on the official California DMV website. This or by contacting the provided phone number, (800) 777-0133, as information may change over time. Lastly also see the California auto insurance on here.

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Whether you’re seeking to obtain or renew your driver’s license. Likewise register your vehicle, or require assistance with accessibility accommodations. The Riverside DMV Office is there to assist, serving as a cornerstone of the community’s driving and vehicle needs. Lastly also the Stockton California DMV as well as the Long Beach California DMV.




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