License Renewal in California

So you want to know about License Renewal in California. Then read further as I have laid out the process for you. Before you dive into renewing your California driver’s license, it’s worth considering if you can find a better insurance rate to save some cash. Now, onto the renewal process. You have a few options: online, by mail, by phone, or in person. If you’re opting for a REAL ID-compliant license, keep in mind that you’ll need to complete your renewal in person and provide proofs of identity and residency. But don’t worry, you’ll only need to do this once.

License Renewal in California

Let’s break down each renewal option. See also how I broke down the DMV Renew Vehicle Registration on here.

Online renewal is available if you’re not changing your address, your Social Security number is on file with the California DMV, and you’re not upgrading to a REAL ID-compliant license. Just register for the CA DMV online services, log in, and pay the $45 renewal fee.

For military members stationed in Germany or out-of-state residents, special provisions apply. If you’re in the military, your expired California driver’s license might still be valid after your honorable discharge. Non-U.S. citizens with temporary CA driver’s licenses will need to provide updated documents from the Department of Homeland Security. The CA DMV will send extension instructions before your temporary license expires.

Likewise as I have explained, your California driver’s license expires on your birthday, and you’ll receive a renewal notice beforehand. Depending on your license status, you can renew online, by mail, by phone, or in person. To be eligible for online, phone, or mail renewals, your license must expire within 120 days, you must be under 70 years old, not have a suspended license, not have failed to appear in court within the past 2 years, and not have made your last 2 renewals by mail.

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After renewing, you’ll receive a temporary card valid for 60 days until you get your permanent license. If it doesn’t arrive within 60 days, call the CA DMV to check its status. Valid driver’s licenses can be renewed up to 6 months before expiration, dropping to 120 days for online renewals, and up to 90 days after expiration.

If your license has expired, been suspended, lost, stolen, or damaged, specific procedures apply. You’ll need to visit the DMV, reinstate your driving privileges if suspended, or report lost/stolen licenses.




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