Changing your Gender Identity

Changing your Gender Identity . Starting from January 1, 2019, individuals in California have the option to self-select their gender identity. This as male (M), female (F), or nonbinary (X) on their driver’s license or identification (DL/ID). If a person is also changing their name along with their gender category. Likewise, they must follow the instructions provided for changing their name.

Changing your Gender Identity

To update the gender category on their DL/ID, individuals need to complete a new DL/ID application. This can be done online. If you opt for a REAL ID, they can apply for one during the application process. They must gather the required documents to show to the DMV. For a REAL ID, this includes proof of identity, Social Security Number, and two proofs of California residency, along with a completed Gender Category Request form (DMV 329S). If they want a non-REAL ID DL/ID, only the Gender Category Request form is necessary.

Process with the DMV

The process is completed by visiting a DMV office. Individuals need to bring their current DL/ID and any required proof documents, especially for a REAL ID. They’ll need to pay the appropriate fee and provide their thumbprint. After applying for a DL, they’ll receive a temporary DL valid for 60 days. For an ID card, they’ll get a receipt as proof of application and should receive their new DL/ID card in the mail within three to four weeks. If not received after 60 days, they should check the Driver’s License & ID Card Status.

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Lastly the Gender Category Request form requires accurate information about the applicant’s full name, date of birth, DL/ID number, mailing address, residence address, and the selected gender category (M, F, or X). Likewise the applicant must certify that the request is for accurate reflection of their gender identity and not for fraudulent purposes. This covers the Changing your Gender Identity as well. Lastly see also the License Renewal in California as well as the DMV Renew Vehicle Registration.

Note it’s important to note that the provided name must be the true full name. Likewise if different from the one on identity documents or DL/ID card, a document verifying the name change is required. Lastly the Privacy Notice outlines how the information provided is collected, used, and shared by the DMV, ensuring compliance with state and federal laws regarding privacy and information sharing.




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