MVC Inspection Center Southampton

New Jersey DMVThe MVC Inspection Center at 1875 Route 38 in Southampton, New Jersey is a facility that offers vehicle inspections to ensure that they meet the state’s safety and emissions standards. It is important to note that this center does not handle any vehicle registration or title transactions.

MVC Inspection Center Southampton

The inspection center is easily accessible by car, located on Route 38 just east of the intersection with Route 206. It is also located near a few other shops and businesses, making it convenient to combine an inspection visit with other errands.

The center’s contact information is as follows:

  • Address: 1875 Route 38, Southampton, NJ 08088
  • Phone: 609-292-6500
  • Email: None provided

The center’s hours of operation are:

  • Monday through Friday: 8:00am to 4:30pm
  • Saturday: 7:00am to 12:00pm

As mentioned earlier, this center is solely dedicated to providing vehicle inspections. Customers who need registration, title, or other related services will need to visit another MVC agency or licensing center. Likewise see also the details for the Long Beach DMV as well as the Oakland Coliseum DMV as well as the DMV Hollywood West.

To prepare for a vehicle inspection, customers should make sure that their vehicle is in good condition and that all necessary repairs have been made. They should also bring all required documents with them, including their vehicle registration and insurance card.

Inspection Process

During the inspection process, trained technicians will check various components of the vehicle, including the brakes, steering, suspension, tires, lights, and emissions systems. If any issues are found, the customer will be provided with a report outlining the necessary repairs. Once those repairs are made, the customer can return for a re-inspection to obtain the necessary certification.

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Fees for vehicle inspections vary depending on the type of inspection needed. Currently, the fee for a standard emissions inspection is $20.00, while a commercial inspection costs $30.00. Payment can be made using cash, check, or credit card. Likewise see the MVC Agency Trenton as well as the MVC Agency Bayonne. See also the hashtags for this such as the New Jersey and the Trenton New Jersey MVC on here as well.

Overall, the MVC Inspection Center in Southampton provides a critical service. This to ensure that vehicles on New Jersey’s roads meet safety and emissions standards. While it does not handle any other vehicle-related transactions. Its convenient location and efficient service make it a valuable resource for vehicle owners in the area.



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