Motor Vehicle Services Miami

Florida DMVThe Motor Vehicle Services Miami, Florida, is a government-run agency that provides various services related to motor vehicles. The MVS is responsible for providing driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations, and other related services to the residents of Miami-Dade County. The agency aims to provide quality services in a timely and efficient manner to ensure customer satisfaction.

Motor Vehicle Services Miami

The MVS office is located at 200 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33128. The office can be contacted via phone at (305) 375-3533 or email at . The office operates from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. No title work accepted after 1:30 p.m. See also 2517 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33135 at (305) 642-5041 (third -party fees may apply). Also 1375 NW 36th St. Miami, FL 33142 at (305) 638-8000. Again third party fees may apply.

The MVS offers a range of services related to motor vehicles, including driver’s license issuance, renewal, and replacement. The agency also provides driving tests, commercial driver’s licenses, identification cards, and learner’s permits. In addition, the MVS offers vehicle registration and title services, including new vehicle registration, vehicle transfer, and title replacement. Likewise see also the details for the DMV Farmington Utah as well as the DMV Cedar City as well as the DMV Danbury.

One of the primary services offered by the MVS is driver’s license issuance. The agency provides various types of driver’s licenses, including commercial driver’s licenses, learner’s permits, and regular driver’s licenses. The MVS also offers driver’s license renewal and replacement services. The agency aims to ensure that all drivers are licensed and follow the necessary safety guidelines to reduce road accidents.

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Another key service offered by the MVS is vehicle registration and title services. The agency provides new vehicle registration, vehicle transfer, and title replacement services to ensure that all vehicles on the road are registered and safe to drive. The MVS also offers specialty license plates for various organizations and groups.

The fees for the services offered by the MVS vary depending on the service required. For example, the fee for a regular driver’s license is $48, while the fee for a commercial driver’s license is $75. The fees for vehicle registration and title services also vary depending on the type of vehicle and the service required.



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